"Casa Colombo, renowned for its excellence in luxury hospitality and award winning design, cuisine and service, has over the years personified boutique hospitality in Sri Lanka. Yesterday marked a new era as the brand Casa Colombo evolved into the ‘Casa Colombo Collection’ (CCC)."

Introducing the Casa Colombo Collection

"Another milestone was achieved when Casa Colombo Collection, Colombo was awarded the prestigious ‘Asia’s Best Classic Boutique Hotel 2014’ title from the Classic Elegance Category at the recently held World Boutique Hotel Awards in England."

Casa Colombo Collection, Colombo wins Asia’s Best Classic Boutique Hotel Award 2014

"Probably the most individual hotel in Sri Lanka, Casa Colombo boasts a selection of 12 super-cool suites housed inside a 200-year-old mansion in the capital. The owner, Lalin Jinasena, has designed every last aspect from the cutlery to the curtains. There is no reception desk but you do get a personal butler for your suite, who will take care of everything from getting you checked in to bringing you drinks by the pool.

Details Suites start from £95 per night, B and B ("

20 chic retreats in Sri Lanka

"Casa Colombo certainly lives up to its name. It is a “home” touched by the best elements of Sri Lankan-ness, hospitality and great food. The imposing edifice with its many fairytale balconies and filigree work encases some of the best dishes to be found in Colombo and is the perfect destination for a treat.

Daily FT full article"

A taste of HVN

"“Wine is one of the most civilised things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.”

Daily FT full article"

Experience the indulgence of wine tasting at Casa Colombo

"Casa Colombo, one of the most remarkable contemporary hotels was entirely reinterpreted by a talented Sri Lankan designer Lalin Jinasena… I think that Geoffrey Bawa has a worthy successor who knows how to draw his inspiration from the teacher’s genius, to renew the Singhalese creation and architecture. A name that will rank, I am sure, amongst the greatest names of the international scene!"

Sandra Rude, Chief Editor of the lifestyle TV series l'émission "Hotels", Films Concept Associés, France

"Casa Colombo just takes one’s breath away, every step is a delight. The exclusive style cannot be seen or found anywhere else in the world."


"It is an opulent and eclectic hotel, where old and new blend in startling contrast."

The Sunday Times, Sri Lanka

"The ambiance of Casa Colombo is crazy, classy and elegant. Breakfast the next morning was equally decadent."

The Leisure Times

"Lalin Jinasena, founder and designer of Casa Colombo certainly has vision, but most importantly he combines this with practicality and the ability to turn his dreams into reality."

Sri Lanka Travel Talk

"Шри - Ла нк а Отель Casa Colombo в столице Шри -Лан ки - концептуальное творение молодого дизайн ера Лалина Джи насены. ОН реко н стру и ровал п острое нн ый в н ачале XIX века коло ни альны й особ няк , уст ро ив в нем двена дцать разных п о де к ор у СЬ ЮТО В , ресто ран HVN, ча йн ый салон т RepubIic и бар Ice 3. Н ачал и ра боту с в ос ста НОВflен и я и стори ч еско го деко ра - п ол ов из италья нской плитки , л епн ин ы е мавритан с ко м ст иле и п о к рытого позолотой потолка {зто де корат ивн ое чудонаходится е ресторане) . На этом игры с историзмом."

Architectural Digest - Russia

"Casa Colombo blends edgy contemporary with classic elegance effortlessly."

Travel Leisure

"With a sideways nod to its colonial past, Sri Lanka is getting funky; pushing the envelope on the style front."

In Style, Australia

"It’s easy to find Hip hotels in London, Milan or Paris, but gets more difficult when the destination is less predictable – here’s one novelty in Sri Lanka’s capital."

Vanity Fair, Italy

"Sri Lanka’s Capital gets a Style Injection with Casa Colombo"

Wallpaper *

"What luxe loves in sri lanaka….."

Luxe City Guides

"HVN's extravagant setting—nineteenth-century Italian floor mosaics, ornate metallic ceiling, an intricate fresco of bejeweled swamis floating on clouds—feels a bit unreal given Colombo's tumultuous political climate. But then again, gastronomic escapism is nothing new, and the innovative menu at this restaurant inside the swank CASA Colombo offers plenty of distractions."

Conde Nast Traveler: Hot tables list 2008

"Museum Quality restoration of both the ornate wedding-cake exterior and the interior Italian floral floor mosaics has resurrected this crumbling 200 year old Moorish mansion off sri lanka’s main coastal Galle road."

Conde Nast Traveler: Hot list Hotels 2008

"For something a little hipper, check out Casa Colombo"

New York Times

"Sus 12 suites retro-chic están decoradas elegantemente con diferentes piezas de mobiliario y decoración de todo el mundo, aportando a cada estancia un carácter especial. Los mosaicos indios del suelo, el estilo morisco de los balcones o los techos abovedados, hacen del lugar un tesoro único en la zona."

Elle Decor