Casa Colombo Collection,Colombo is prepared to take you on an enchanting culinary adventure, with options ranging from our four fabulous eateries that highlight exceptional cuisines where we bring you a new dimension to fashionable dining in this lavish Boutique Hotel.

HVN is the converted grand hall of the mansion, which is now a stylish restaurant with gold carved ceilings, organza glass tables and a fresco of Rishis meditating in the clouds with an antique fan that spans 18 feet. The menu features an eclectic fusion of local cuisines and flavours, prepared by renowned chefs of Casa Colombo Collection,Colombo.

ZAZA Bar is a curious glass cube that contains ultra chic luxurious and comfy ball chairs with plush cushions, tailor-made to make sure your evenings at the ZAZA Bar are indulgent and relaxing. The subtle blend of abstract and modern interior merged with the smooth flow of toe tapping lounge music gives this bar an exclusive, international flair.

T-Republic is designed to challenge the rest capitalising on the airy outdoor resource it has. Located on the lawn, facing the front fa├žade of the mansion, T-Republic is yet another venue from which to choose to Dine in at Casa Colombo Collection,Colombo.

Poolside Lounge is a more relaxed dining option, which ensures a cosy, comfy environment with the best selections of food and beverage that no other boutique hotel in Sri Lanka can offer you.