The Designer

The Creator of Casa Colombo Collection,Colombo World

“I try to remain uninfluenced by other artists' work and hence tend not to read too much about them or to study their styles. The idea is to be free of inadvertent influences when creating designs which I want to come from within”

-Lalin Jinasena-

Lalin Jinasena

Lalin Michael Jinasena is a young Sri Lankan designer and a visionary, who stepped on to the hospitality industry by managing two hotels belonging to his father’s company - the Jinasena group, where he founded the mahout club at deer park, which organizes luxury adventures for the adventure seekers.

He followed his passion for design, which he developed further by completing an undergraduate degree in product design, and ventured away from the family company and formed his own mark as LMJ, with a subsidiary architecture and interior decor company.

Today he is not only a multitalented designer born with the wow-factor, but also an entrepreneur and a visionary who is clearly a legend in the making.